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MARKETING MILLENNIAL logoI have to admit!… When I didn’t know I was a millennial, I saw everything wrong with them. Today’s societal perception of our next generation had everything to do with it. Generation Why!? Excuse me, I mean Y.  A generation who asks too many questions and challenges authority way too often. Who wants to be questioned by smarty pants who think they have all the answers?  And then… I found out I was one of them. “Not me! I’m different. I’m dependable, Hard Working, Reliable -wait! How are Millennial’s?.. It wasn’t until then, that I was extremely interested in finding out more about Millennial’s or in this case (me).

First let’s get things straight here! Millennial’s are not really that much different then the generation before us! We have the same struggles; we worry about life, money, family and relationships. Granted, we are different in many ways and there is a shift happening that we shouldn’t ignore. The ‘Millennial child’ is the subject of hundreds of studies conducted by EVERYONE on a mission to understand Consumer, Education, Political and Relationship behaviors. A good starting point is to look at parenting trends during the tender years of Millennials. Let’s take a look at what that looked like: 50% Divorce rate meant kids were (are) growing up in single or co-parenting environments. Latch-key-kids are an unspoken reality and for the most part, kids grew up raising themselves. Television, Internet and Video games were on the rise; Millennials have been conditioned to change pace quickly, adapt to new, upgraded technology- and to be fair, ‘Sesame Street’ was the pioneer in short attention span programming. There is a psychology of what moves us, drives us and Motivates us. For those of you who are trying to tap into our 170+ Billion dollar a year buying power, knowing us, understanding us and taking the time to get intimate with us will determine how large your market share will be.

The world around us is changing and that’s no secret. However, the change in pace is causing a tsunami in our Education, Career, and Political spectrum. Millennial’s have access to knowledge with the press of a button; we can see the world through a screen that sometimes is uncut and unedited, the world is opening up to Millennial’s and nothing is impossible. We are a generation of innovation; captivating humanity in hundreds of thousands of clips a day from around the world. We see our potential; the unlimited playground we get to experience on a daily basis is changing our lives and shaping everything we’ve ever known. We question everything and have become expert researchers of Goods, Services, Products and YOU, if we feel the need to look you up. We have embraced the access to technology and learned to live and adapt to an ever-changing environment to the point where we can potentially be the most successful generation yet.

After learning I’m a Millennial, I starpost-itted spending countless hours getting to know my new found self. At first, I struggled with this; mostly because of my previous societal perception about this new group of people taking the world on by storm. As Founder of a Full Service Marketing Firm, It is my duty to provide a new way of seeing things. You see, I decided to embrace being a Millennial and show how I defy the stereo
type by simply being me.

Everyone has a story, to generalize a generation is to touch the tip of an Iceberg and say you know what lies beneath it. Custom Market Research Is the gateway to better understand segmented markets; we offer in-depth Marketing Research to Private and Public Sectors; Brand Managers, Ad Agencies, Educational Institutions, Employers, Managers and all who are trying to understand
the generation coming into power.



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