“You Don’t See the Crazy in the End Result”

Quantitative Research

Being on the cutting edge of technology is something The Marketing Millennial knows is needed in our industry. That is why I use Athena Research Group for many of their amazing amenities.

Technological Capabilities

Included are High Speed Internet, High Speed Wireless Internet, Multiple Stream Options, Focus Vision & Streamline Universal Multiple Audio File Type Options: MP3, WAV Multiple Audio Video Type Options: AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, WMV)

Research Methods

Focus Groups / In-Depth-Interviews – Mock Store – Mobile On-site Surveys – Mock Trials / Trial Simulation – Taste Tests – Product Placements – Dial Testing / qual-quant


Consumer Goods Medical Device Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Insurance / Finance / Banking Automotive Restaurant / Fast Food Housing Utilities

Types of Projects

My Strategic partners and I have worked hard to develop programs and perform a full range of services in the Inland Empire. Located in Riverside, CA. We truly shine in the ability to recruit quality respondents from all demographics for qualitative research. There isn’t a Job too big or small. Our facility has handled clients from all over the nation as well as internationally. Our team is highly trained in all processes.

Qualitative Studies,  Quantitative Studies,  Focus Group,  Mock Trial,s  Hispanic Studies,  IDI’s,  Mystery, Shops,  Vehicle Tests,  Music Tests, Taste Tests,  Product Pick-up,  Shop-Alongs,  Exit Surveys,  Teacher Studies,  Motocross Research,  NASCAR,  Equine Studies,  Elderly Studies,  Qualitative  Research