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You have a passion and you want to start a business and make your dream a reality. While getting a business plan in order may be the fundamental part of the process, you should not disregard the great benefits that marketing can bring to your business.

Creating a solid marketing plan is the next major step after establishing your business. After all, getting a decent set of clients requires more than just a great product in any competitive market.

Here are some components to consider when designing your plan as well as the rewards that follow its execution.

Market Research

Market research is composed of analysis of the industry in which your product or service will be based. It may be quite a bit of information to gather, but this data is essential in ensuring that your product has value and can be marketed appropriately. Doing an industry analysis includes studying industry components such as:

  • Market patterns
  • Consumer trends
  • Product demand
  • Market size and competition
  • Projected market growth

The data collected in this research will be useful in determining if and how your product needs to be altered in order to better fit the needs and trends of consumers, and in turn can increase profits.

Target Market Research

After having a general idea about consumer trends, you now need to focus on the particular market you’re targeting. This includes organizing information on the consumers in terms of demographics, psychographics, their needs and wants, as well as their budgets and spending habits.

Understanding how your target market thinks and acts is crucial in creating marketing campaigns that draw their attention and show them the value of your product and how it in particular benefits them. How does your product suit their needs in a manner that’s affordable to them and profitable to you?

Marketing Strategies

Once you understand your target market and the issues they face when looking for a product in your industry, you can more effectively promote your product. Being able to connect on a personal level with your customers can lead to stronger, long-term relationships, and a more reliable market. Staying on top of modern marketing strategies will help you develop and maintain relationships with upcoming generations.

Some strategies that would be well suited for this group include the use of social media platforms, online advertisements with an intuitive, user-friendly experience and interactive media. Implementing features, such as a “share” button, allows for the spreading of your brand through the vast, interconnected world of online content, expanding the amount of people that see your product. Or perhaps you are targeting older citizens who respond better to traditional marketing practices, such as television and newspaper advertisements.

In either case, it is always advantageous to tell a story with your product, offer compelling incentives, and promote your product in a way that will make people remember your name, using whatever combination of methods is best targeted for them.

Also, establishing a profile on which you are highly rated, especially online, gives consumers the chance to determine how relevant you are to them through the experiences of others. Have you ever been strongly influenced into buying something or not buying it due to the ratings of other customers? The same principle applies to a business’ performance. A good reputation also goes a long way in maintaining existing relationships with consumers and investors.

Financial Factors

These include budgets, pricing, projections, even location.

Consider this: can consumers in your area afford your products? Can you sacrifice a bit of quality in order to ensure that your target market is capable of purchasing your products? It may not be a great idea to place an expensive jewelry boutique in an impoverished location. However, sometimes it is not as obvious that you’re making a risky decision, so make sure you determine your budgets and price ranges accordingly.

Don’t forget: Your competitors are doing it.

How you market your product will separate you from your competitors. With the right type of strategies, you can show your customers why your product will benefit them more than your opponents’ products.

You may be overwhelmed as a new small business owner as you handle the preliminary, and quite tedious, factors involved with developing your plan. Luckily, there are consultants who can guide you through the process and lessen the load on you. Many of the problems you may face can be predicted and prevented by consulting with a marketing expert; it’s worth the investment when you consider the impressive rewards.

If you’ve got a website online for your business, you’re already half-way there! One of the most important parts of selling your business is its marketability, right? So if you don’t have a website that is running and regularly updated, what are you waiting for? Ease of access to your company’s information can influence whether or not a customer will consider your services. Here are other things a website does for you:

Establishes the Legitimacy of Your Business

Having a website established shows customers that your company understands how the world works; people want to know about things, and they use the Internet to do that. If an interested person cannot find information about your business on the web, it is possible your company will be  giving the impression that it’s not fully established yet. Having a website demonstrates competence and that your business is strong and successful.


Like you reading this article, your customers want to learn more about your company and what products/services are suitable for them. Displaying your services online makes it easier for customers to determine what they want from you, and it provides a source they can refer to when they remember they need something similar to what you offer.


The Internet is available world-wide, at all hours, any day of the week. There are no business hours or closing time. Having access throughout the globe without time constraints increases the likelihood that customers will come to you regardless of the time at which they need your services. It’s fully automated, so there’s no need to be present to swipe cards and print receipts.


As a business person, you probably already understand that marketing your business is possibly the important part of increasing sales. In order to sell, you have to generate interest in your prospective customers. A website increases your visibility through online media. People are constantly sharing, retweeting, reviewing, and posting about things they find interesting or have had a positive experience with. An online display with the option to “share” has the potential to be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet. It can also offer a platform on which regular customers can provide feedback for you to improve your service and for others to be aware of the quality of your service. Consider it low-cost advertising, where the sharing and reviews take care of spreading the word about your company’s success.


One of the easiest ways to increase sales is by allowing customers easier access to viewing and paying for your product. With a website, you can create a catalog of products with photos, prices, variants, and other details listed to attract customers. A website is also an effective way to promote sales and deals that are being offered. As long as you maintain a relevant site, people will be intrigued. So, with the accessibility, visibility, and traffic that your website creates, business will be booming.

Establish Your Brand

If your name isn’t spread through word of mouth, it’s spread through links and posts online. To shape the impressions that new prospects are developing about your business, you will need a site to promote your brand, style, and content. On your site, you can present a logo, design, and stylistic qualities of your brand. Get the face of your business noticed!

The benefits of having a website are widely known, and the biggest and best businesses are taking advantage of them. To keep up, it’s also important to regularly update and maintain relevancy throughout your site. All aspects of the site can be personalized for your company, so you can show off your unique brand and products.

Need help creating a site or fixing up your exiting site? Give us a call!

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