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Complacency is a killer!

Complacency is killer!.. What exactly gets killed? The potential to progress is lost; the excitement in life is lost; things that used to be inspiring are no longer effective. It’s a common problem for humans. We tend to seek a lifestyle that fulfills our temporary goals just so we can attain some level of satisfaction.

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Marketing For Small Businesses

You have a passion and you want to start a business and make your dream a reality. While getting a business plan in order may be the fundamental part of the process, you should not disregard the great benefits that marketing can bring to your business. Creating a...

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The Pant Hem

Did I mention I like learning from unlikely places? Not that I’m weird about it, I just realized that I see every aspect of our lives as a pattern. Either a pattern we should follow or stay far away from. We’ve been so accustomed to working, paying bills and...

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  Failure is loud and clear, if you’ve failed you’ve known it! The pain associated with failure can catapult an entrepreneur to the next level of business, but what happens when an entrepreneur is delusional about his level of success? Maybe Entrepreneurs need to...

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Starting with the end in mind.

The most successful people in the world will tell you that you have to envision what your business is going to look like, ‘starting with the end in mind.’ You must know exactly how it will run and operate before you even start to build it! Steve Covey author of 7...

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