Did I mention I like learning from unlikely places? Not that I’m weird about it, I just realized that I see every aspect of our lives as a pattern. Either a pattern we should follow or stay far away from. We’ve been so accustomed to working, paying bills and trying to catch up on the weekend from things we neglected during the weekday, that we seriously need to be reminded constantly to, “stop and smell the roses.” Maybe this is what I do, but instead of smelling the roses, I’m listening and watching. Believe me, I’m not that good, growing up; mom taught me to  “listen, watch and shut your mouth.” I never knew what she meant by it, but as an adult, it’s a great thing to not only know, but to practice! Thanks mom! I guess in the shutting of your mouth, you actually have time to think. To take things in and internalize the world around you; you learn not to act on your own feelings, but to consider everything happening in the room and at that moment. Mom is old school and as I grow older, I understand her more and more. She is always ‘Boss’; like in a mafia family- her word always overthrows anyone else’s because when she speaks, it’s prophecy. (really) I understand now that she just learned to listen, watch and not speak until she felt it necessary. Her speaking isn’t like a nagging mother, and if you were in trouble there was no lying to her because she was looking straight-into-your-soul! Can you just imagine having this type of 6th sense? As scary as it is for others, it’s great for you, so I challenge you to start practicing this way and see what you learn about yourself, life and those around you. Who knows, you might even find your purpose! 😉

My son Isaac, who by the way is a full grown man in a child’s body,  asked me if he could wear a suit for his Kindergarten graduation a couple years ago. So of course I want to encourage him to always be proud and look good. When we were looking at suits we knew that we would have to hem them, and my son had no worries about that because he knows, mom can sew!

His face was bright and happy as he watched me step by step, measure, lay and cut his pants. I turned them inside out, put the string in the needle hole and began to sew by hand. “Wait! mom. Something doesn’t look right, that’s so ugly, and all my friends are going to laugh…” I can’t help but laugh and lovingly ask him to chill! “I’m not done, just wait.” Soon, his desperation turns to weeping, serious on the floor- devastated weeping! It was the funniest thing! Here he was; throwing a tantrum because he wanted to look handsome and well put together for graduation, while his mom just butchered his pants. I tried my best to keep a straight face and kept asking him to please wait until I was finished; the whole time I hemmed his pants, he cried.

The moment had come to turn the pants outside-in. by this time his crying is full on wailing and uncontrollable jolting on the floor. I called him and waited for his eyes to adjust to what I was holding in front of him. He jumped from his fetal position and instantly started praising me on the beautiful job I had done. He quickly put them on and paraded around the house showing everyone (even the babies) how great he looked.

Nonetheless he was baffled; in his mind he was sure I was doing a horrible job. He didn’t understand that I was working on the inside of his pants and had to turn them inside out to do the job right.

Isn’t our whole life an inside job? We are all being worked on and sometimes it’s not nice and it doesn’t always  look how we would like it to look, but our journey in becoming who we want to be require us to purge out what keeps us from becoming better; whatever that may look like is unique to you. There will be a time where you want to resist the change that must happen in your life and if you find yourself resisting and fighting it, just think of the pant hem, when the work is done you will walk proudly and confidentially and the world will notice.


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