“You Don’t See the Crazy in the End Result”

"It's better to be a Lion for a day, than a sheep all your life"


"It is better to conquer yourself, than to win a thousand battles"



Marketing For Small Businesses

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You have a passion and you want to start a business and make your dream a reality. While getting a business plan in order may be the fundamental part of the process, you should not disregard the great benefits that marketing can bring to your business. read more…

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Failure is loud and clear, if you’ve failed you’ve known it! The pain associated with failure can catapult an entrepreneur to the next level of business, but what happens when an entrepreneur is delusional about his level of success? Maybe Entrepreneurs need to be a little delusional sometimes; this may also be a trait that can help them get through the tough times, but too much of anything can be devastating! read more…



Sarai Garrett, ‘The Marketing Millennial’ is the CFO of Athena Research Group, a full service marketing firm that provides businesses with the ability to reconfigure their current products offerings for a fresh audience. In this role she oversees ROI for internal initiatives and external accounts. A strong negotiator, Sarai procured a multi-billion dollar industry contract for Athena, and has developed an addition to her company’s model that helps entrepreneurs attain growth assistance tools at little or no cost.