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You have a passion and you want to start a business and make your dream a reality. While getting a business plan in order may be the fundamental part of the process, you should not disregard the great benefits that marketing can bring to your business. read more…

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Failure is loud and clear, if you’ve failed you’ve known it! The pain associated with failure can catapult an entrepreneur to the next level of business, but what happens when an entrepreneur is delusional about his level of success? Maybe Entrepreneurs need to be a little delusional sometimes; this may also be a trait that can help them get through the tough times, but too much of anything can be devastating! read more…

Who are Millennial’s and what makes them so different?

icebergThat was the question that I had far before I found out I was one of them. Don’t judge me, I’ve come across my fair share of Millennial’s who had no clue they were Millennial’s.  I get it, what do Millennial’s look like anyway? Why the labels and generalization of this current generation? Millennial’s are constantly being hit with, “Oh, you’re a millennial, that’s why you’re like that!” If you ask us, we don’t really feel like we are any different; except for the fact that we strive to be different. I believe every generation in their own right wanted to be different then the generation that preceded them. History continues to show us along with data that every generation is hopeful about their future.

Not every generation however, had the advantages that Millennial’s have. Within the last decade we have been conditioned in many ways to behave and think the way we do. Planned or not; we are a product of our environment and our behavior patterns display the essence of what technology has afforded us; we just didn’t think about how it would impact our lives- because frankly, we didn’t know what it meant to constantly have access to the whole world in one sitting. The information age is powerful beyond belief and it’s no big secret that technology has everything to do with our current culture.

We have to consider our past in order to understand our present and have vision for our future. Should you be scared that Millennial’s are growing up in a digital age where we have access to both powerful and potentially debilitating tools? I’d say that with great power comes great responsibility.

One thing you should know is that Millennial’s take this responsibility to heart. You can see the shift as humanitarian work increases world wide. We care about our environment and strive to make a difference even with the products we buy. Trusting brands that have a voice in helping make a change is important to us. Not to mention that previous generations have our back in making sure we have the tools to thrive! Mentorship’s for  Millennial’s are on the rise and important for us for a reason! We fell out of love with Institutions and Salesmen. Politicians and Marketers are scrambling to reach us in ways they never anticipated. We are changing the game in more ways than one.

The future of us doesn’t end at just understanding Millennial’s; there is a wave of a younger generation, Generation Z, who will be hit with similar challenges Millennial’s have faced; we can only anticipate that the need to change and adjust quickly will become more demanding as the need for efficiency in all aspects of life increases.

The Marketing Millennial was born in the midst of discovery; discovery of Self, Culture, Misconceptions and the need to move forward with comprehensive data in a new era of ‘People’. Segmented markets and custom data should not be ignored. The Marketing Millennial is a voice and advocate to usher in a successful new generation by offering in-depth market research and training solutions to private and public sectors; brand managers, ad agencies, educational institutions, employers, managers…and all who are trying to understand the generation coming into power.



Sarai Garrett, ‘The Marketing Millennial’ is the CFO of Athena Research Group, a full service marketing firm that provides businesses with the ability to reconfigure their current products offerings for a fresh audience. In this role she oversees ROI for internal initiatives and external accounts. A strong negotiator, Sarai procured a multi-billion dollar industry contract for Athena, and has developed an addition to her company’s model that helps entrepreneurs attain growth assistance tools at little or no cost.


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